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» » Cross Stitching on Linen fabric
Cross Stitching on Linen fabric

Cross stitching on linen fabric

Bathilde - Counted cross stitch on linen fabric, a design by Lili SoleilLinen is one of the most beautiful needlework fabrics. Some stitchers use it exclusively for all their projects. Here is some information to help you select the right fabric.

The beauty of linen is that it is a fiber that keeps its natural look. The fibers used for weaving have little irregularities that reinforce this natural feel. The most popular color for linen is "Natural raw linen", the color of the fiber before it is processed and dyed.

Natural raw linen, color and washing:

When the linen is dyed, the colors are usually colorfast and will resist when exposed to light or when beeing washed. By contrast, the color of a piece of natural raw linen will usuallly be lighter after washing.

Tip: If you plan on stitching on raw linen and laundering your stitched piece, especially for monochromes, make sure you have enough contrast between the color of the thread used and the background fabric. You might want to test washing a little piece first to see the impact of washing on the color of the fabric.

It is also important to know that linen usually can shrink a little (up to 5%) when being washed. A good quality needlework linen will however keep a square weave (meaning your crosses stay nice and square even if your fabric shrinks a little).

Tip: If making a pillow case, cushion cover or any item that requires a fixed dimension, take into account a little shrinkage. We do not recommend washing the fabric first because the special finish that is applied to the fabric would wash away (the finish gives the fabric it a little stiffness that helps with the stitching).

How to cross stitch on linen fabric:
Cross stitching over two threads

How to cross stitch on linen fabric over 2 threadsAs opposed to cross stitching on Aida, cross stitching on any evenweave fabric, such as linen, requires counting the threads that compose the weave. The most common technique used for cross stitch is "stitching over 2 threads", meaning the needle will cross over two warp and two weft threads, in a diagonal.  

In this picture the 2 warp and 2 weft threads have been highlighted in red. To complete a cross stitch, pass the needle over 2 threads in a diagonal line. 

Cross stitching "over one thread":
For even finer stitching (and for stitchers with excellent eyesight!) the technique of "stitching over one thread" is often used. The needle will only pass over one weft and one warp thread. Note however that in this case it is best to complete one cross stitch at a time (not using the back and forth technique / / /  then ). "Stitching over one thread" is very popular among some experienced stitchers (and designers too) who enjoy the challenge and the beautiful stitched pieces. The ultimate challenge being to stitch on the finest linen fabrics available. 
Stitching note:
When stitching "over one thread" the size of the finished piece will be four times smaller than when stitching "over two threads".


Stitching on linen made easy with Linen Aida fabric:

If you love the color of linen but prefer to stitch on Aida, here's your pick!
This fabric has been designed to make cross stitching on linen extra-easy. Linen Aida is usually made of a mix of linen, cotton and viscose and replicates the look and color of natural raw linen. By contrast with linen, they are colorfast and do not shrink. The weave is that of any Aida fabric, with a perfectly square block of fabric with 4 holes at each corner guiding the cross stitching.
We recommend Linen Aida for pieces where counting is particularly challenging (such as projects where you have to skip large areas before resuming your cross stitching or patterns with a lot of backstitch).
Our designers tested these fabrics for you. Once stitched the appearance of the finished piece can be quite impressive. All the pieces below, offered on our website, were stitched using DMC Linen Aida.
Photo shows examples of designs stitched on 14ct DMC Linen Aida in color 842 Photo shows examples of designs stitched on 14ct DMC Linen Aida in color 842 Photo shows examples of designs stitched on 14ct DMC Linen Aida in color 842
Photo shows examples of designs stitched on 14ct DMC Linen Aida in color 842

To learn more about Linen Aida, you can visit DMC's website.

What size will the finished piece be?

Compare 28ct linen fabric and 14ct Linen Aida fabricIf you are stitching "over two threads" on 28ct linen fabric, your stitched piece will be the same size as if it had been stitched on 14ct Aida.
Understand why:
There are exactly 28 threads in one inch. In one inch, stitching over two threads, you can complete 14 stitches (similar to 14ct Aida).

By contrast, if you are stitching over one thread, you will complete 28 cross stitches in one inch.

The finished piece will be exactly the same size whether you are stitching
on 28ct linen over two threads or 14ct Linen Aida.

To calculate the finished size of your project, depending on the fabric count and technique used (over two threads, over one thread), use our fabric calculator. We also provide the calculator for any of the patterns offerred on our website (in the information section of each pattern). Click on "view size in my choice of fabric" to use it.

Linen, a source of inspiration:
Linen is a constant source of inspiration for our designers, especially when creating patterns inspired by the past. Don't miss the following sections of our website:
>> Special feature: Antique looking patterns - in cross stitch
>> Samplers (Classic samplers and reproduction samplers)
>> Alphabets & monograms 
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