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GERA! Cross Stitch Designs by Kyoko Maruoka

GERA! Designs by Kyoko Maruoka

Peacock & Fig cross stitch patterns - What's new?

Peacock & Fig

Tempting Tangles Designs for Cross stitch - what's new?Tempting Tangles Designs 

Lesley Teare Designs for cross stitch
Lesley Teare Designs



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»»What's New: Tempting Tangles, cross stitch patterns designed by Deborah A. Dick
What's New: Tempting Tangles, cross stitch patterns designed by Deborah A. Dick
Tempting Tangles, cross stitch patterns designed by Deborah A. Dick

Latest News:
TEMPTING TANGLES Cross stitch designs by Deborah A. Dick 

All the latest news about TEMPTING TANGLES, as published in Creative Poppy's newsletter.

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New and Exclusive! Spring Welcome by Tempting Tangles


Spot the tiny dragonfly to the right, with shimmering wings and gleaming eyes. It's one of the tiny details that make Tempting Tangles so much fun to stitch. Full of cheerful colors, this is an exclusive cross stitch piece designed especially for Creative Poppy by Tempting Tangles.

Spring Welcome cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles

Spring Welcome
Counted cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles
Spring Welcome cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles , zoom 1

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Linen blossoms in silken paradise


Seated next to the window a maiden stitches. Through the window Spring beckons with rolling hills, blossoming cherry trees, and new born lambs, yet stormy skies speak of rain showers to come.

This cross stitch masterpiece by expert designer Deborah Dick of Tempting Tangles will require many hours of patient stitching, but how rewarding! 

Now recharted in color for maximum readability.

Spring inspir'd Stitcher cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles

Spring inspir'd Stitcher
Counted cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles
Spring inspir'd Stitcher cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles, zoom 1


Purple harmony


Celebrate Spring to come with this delicate cross stitch piece designed by Tempting Tangles. It comes in a beautiful harmony of purple and green.

Spring Garden Party cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles

Spring Garden Party
Counted cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles
Spring Garden Party cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles, zoom 1

Quaker hearts


Can you spot the key and the tiny initials? Fun to stitch with plenty of interesting detail, timeless and elegant, these projects make lovely Valentine or Anniversary gifts. 

Patterns by Deborah A. Dick of Tempting Tangles.

Key to my Heart cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles

Key to my Heart
Counted cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles
Key to my Heart cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles, zoom 1
Cheerful up Valentine cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles

Cheerful up Valentine
Counted cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles
Cheerful up Valentine cross stitch pattern by Tempting Tangles, zoom 1



Tempting Samplers


We just love the creative and quaint style of the designs by Deborah A. Dick of Tempting Tangles.  Her work is very expressive, with lovely muted and warm colors, and has an almost antique feel to it.

The patterns, mostly cross stitch, are full of intricate needlework details and occasional specialty stitches that make her work interesting to stitch all along. Here a view of some details of her lovely Samplers. Click on the image for a full view and more details.

Tempting Tangles - Panoply of Posies zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Panoply of Posies
Tempting Tangles - Posies Two zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Posies Two
Tempting Tangles - Good morning zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Good morning
Tempting Tangles - Peppermint Pig zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Peppermint Pig
Tempting Tangles - Giovanni's Alphabet zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Giovanni's Alphabet
Tempting Tangles - Panoply of Peacocks zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Panoply of Peacocks
Tempting Tangles - Panoply of Pods & Puffs zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Panoply of Pods & Puffs
Tempting Tangles - Needleworkers Abecedarius zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Needleworkers Abecedarius

>> see all Sampler cross stitch patterns by Tempting Tangles


Scarlet Letters (detail), cross stitch pattern in the Color series by Tempting TanglesThe amazing evocative power of words


Simply looking at one's stash of red floss, or searching through a color card for the perfect tone of red, us stitchers appreciate the incredibly rich world of color, one of the things that irresistibly draws us to stitching. Human beings have often been at loss to describe colors and most often simply revert to an image, "blue as a clear blue sky". Many color names are thus very poetic.

In the following designs, Tempting Tangles collects words that are wonderfully evocative of each of her favorite shades. They read like a poem and are beautifully laid out in cross stitches, embellished with delicate Quaker style motifs.

Tempting Tangles - Purple-licious (cross stitch chart)
Tempting Tangles - Broderie Bleue (cross stitch chart)
Broderie Bleue
Tempting Tangles - Little Brown Jug (cross stitch chart)
Little Brown Jug
Tempting Tangles - Scarlet Letters (cross stitch chart)
Scarlet Letters
Tempting Tangles - Verdant variations (cross stitch chart)
Verdant variations
Tempting Tangles - Ebony & Ivory (cross stitch chart)
Ebony & Ivory

>> See all patterns in the Color series by Tempting Tangles


Classic Coffee Break, a cross stitch pattern designed by Tempting Tangles

Not from the corner coffee machine...



Some things in life deserve special attention. Whether you are a coffee or tea lover, the right pot, the right cup and the perfect blend or brew makes the whole difference.

Designer Deborah A. Dick from Tempting Tangles takes us on a wonderful journey, exploring uncommon teas, and rare exotic coffees, together with some absolutely charming tea pots and coffee pots. These are very decorative cross stitch pieces to stitch and, since they work in pairs and series, you can combine them for very attractive wall displays.

Tempting Tangles - Tempting Teas zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Tempting Teas
Tempting Tangles - Tea Time zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Tea Time
Tempting Tangles - Coffee Compendium zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Coffee Compendium
Tempting Tangles - Classic Coffee Break zoom 1 (cross stitch chart)
Classic Coffee Break


Put the kettle on... we'll all have tea


Charming miniature patterns that vary with the seasons. Include quaint little details like tea strainers as well as some occasional specialty stitches that add fun to the stitching..

Tempting Tangles - Have a Cuppa (cross stitch chart)
Have a Cuppa
Tempting Tangles - Lavender Mint (cross stitch chart)
Lavender Mint
Tempting Tangles - Harvest Brew (cross stitch chart)
Harvest Brew
Tempting Tangles - Golden Quince (cross stitch chart)
Golden Quince

Or shall I rather make you some coffee?


Ice coffee delights, warm spicy blends, heavenly aromas, ... a coffee for each season.

Tempting Tangles - Summer Buzz (cross stitch chart)
Summer Buzz
Tempting Tangles - Razzleberry Roast (cross stitch chart)
Razzleberry Roast
Tempting Tangles - Autumn Aromas (cross stitch chart)
Autumn Aromas
Tempting Tangles - Nose warmer (cross stitch chart)
Nose warmer

>> see al Tea & Coffee cross stitch patterns by Tempting Tangles


Needlework fun: it's all in the detail


If there is one specificity that sums up the art of Tempting Tangles designs, it's certainly the attention given to detailed stitching. While most patterns are mostly cross stitch, the designer is constantly focusing on how to best render her subject in stitches. Here are 5 close up examples of patterns where little stitching details are inserted that take the stitching to a new level. 


If you are not familiar with the stitches described below, not to worry: the designer takes you by the hand, introducing you to all these lovely stitches as you work through your piece.


Good Morning (detail), cross stitch pattern designs by Tempting TanglesTexture


Designer Deborah A. Dick loves to vary the threads used, according to her subject. Take this little beaded-eyes dragon fly, hovering among the cross-stitch flowers. In contrast with the silk floss, its body and wings are stitched in a glowing emerald green with metallic tones, in a combination of backstitch and cross stitch, and embellished with two copper and ginger petite seed beads.


>> Good Morning designed by Tempting Tangles

Razzleberry Roast (detail), cross stitch pattern  designed by Tempting Tangles



Any cross stitcher will know that one of the difficulties of cross stitch is to render beautiful curves. This is true for plants, but also for any round shapes, such as this delicate coffee pot, with a  top that curves and finishes into a round tip. The designer used a couple of split stitches to delicately finish the cross stitch into a fine curve. The split stitch is a variation of the stem stitch, that creates a neat continuous line.


>> Razzleberry Roast  designed by Tempting Tangles


Summer Buzz (detail), cross stitch pattern designed by Tempting TanglesDimensional effects 


This pretty spring pot is adorned with branches of delicate cherry blossoms. Notice how they stand out in front of the cross stitch background. To achieve this effect, the designer worked the fragile petals in a lazy daisy stitch, a quick and easy stitch with maximum effect. The branches are worked in stem stitch, a stitch that is both fine and dimensional, perfect for stems, hence its name. To reinforce the contrast with the words stitched in the background, notice how the designer outlines the cross stitching, making them solid and sturdy in comparison with the blossoming flowers. As a final touch, a couple of golden seed beads are worked into the hearts of the flowers.


>> Summer Buzz designed by Tempting Tangles


Giovannis Alphabet (deatil), cross stitch pattern designed by Tempting TanglesDensity 


Check out this little flower that punctuates Giovanni's Alphabet. In contrast with the neighbouring cross stitch, it has a smooth lustrous finish. This is achieved with the use of satin stitch - another aptly named stitch - that fills the petals. It is also neatly outlined with stem stitch. The designer naturally guides you, how to start, how to give a direction to your stitches. Her designs are always "chock-full" of tips.

Satin Stitch is one of the designers beloved stitch, you'll find it in many of her works, in particular in borders and  frames. It is beautiful when worked in an overdyed thread, highlighting the subtle variations of color of the floss.


>> Giovannis Alphabet designed by Tempting Tangles


Creation (detail), cross stitch pattern designed by Tempting TanglesDepth


Creation is one of Tempting Tangles most ambitious undertakings. An extraordinary achievement, it depicts the amazing Biblical story of the formation of the world, the creation of heavens, light emerging, seas forming. Among the swirling clouds, in a myriad cross stitches of smoky blues and grey, light emerges. The focus point of this lighter area of pale yellow and white is a very special stitch, a large Rhodes diamond that has been specially adapted and elongated. Look closely... this is god's eye!


>> Creation designed by Tempting Tangles




These are only just a few examples of the remarkable attention the designer gives to detail. There are many, many more for you to discover.  Each of Tempting Tangles designs is always an interesting voyage into the wonderful possibilities of needlework.



Designs by Tempting Tangles illustrating episodes from the BiblePowerful story telling 


The Bible is full of wonderful episodes, including the compelling story of the Creation of the World. In the following designs Tempting Tangles picks carefully selected quotes from Genesis, Jonah and other scripture, to tell and illustrate an episode in stitches.

Tempting Tangles - Creation (cross stitch chart)
Tempting Tangles - First Light (cross stitch chart)
First light
Tempting Tangles - Galactic Galliard (cross stitch chart)
Galactic Galliard
Tempting Tangles - Adam's Menagerie (cross stitch chart)
Adam's Menagerie
Tempting Tangles - Jonah's Whale (cross stitch chart)
Jonah's Whale

>> see all patterns with Scripture by Tempting Tangles


Tempting Tangles designs by Deborah A. Dick

More cross stitch patterns by TEMPTING TANGLES


All Tempting Tangles designs published by Creative Poppy come with an additional easy-to-read Color chart overview reference chart.


There are more works by Tempting Tangles on Creative Poppy's website, and many more to be added soon.

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