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» » Mini frame embellishments
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Mini frame embellishments

Finishing ideas: mini frame embellishmentsFinishing ideas: mini frame embellishmentsFinishing ideas: mini frame embellishmentsMini frame embellishments


Are you short of ideas once you're done with your stitching? Do your finished pieces tend to finish up in a cupboard? 
Finishing can be half the fun. Here is yet another idea to easily jazz up your finished pieces so they look stunning!



The idea:

Embellishments add dimension and glitz to cross stitch. When done right, they really compliment your stitching and give a finished, professional look. Here we look at  4 different cross stitch pieces and pair them with the perfect accessory. They are then fitted into a standard frame.


The trick:

You're done with your stitching but the size of your finished piece doesn't match a standard frame. How can you display it without having a custom frame made? Buy a slightly bigger ready-made frame and use the extra room to add pretty embellishments. No need to ruin yourself on the frame. As you won't be using the glass part of the frame, you can buy some very basic ones which will still look great.


Now, look into your stash: beads, buttons, ribbons, trimmings, felt, fabric and look for the best match for your pattern. Mix and match, experiment, this is huge fun!


Here are four examples based on the Cute Christmas Teddy cards by Lesley Teare designs.


These pieces were cross stitched on 28ct white linen needlework fabric. Finished size: 3 1/2 x 4 inch. They were framed in standard 3 1/2 x 5 inch wooden frames with embellishments filling the extra space.



Case 1: Christmas teddy paired with twisted paper cord and mini bells

Frame for Cute Teddy Christmas mini-motifs - case 1

Accessories and embellishments used for framing the Cute Christmas Teddy cards - case 1














Christmas bells add extra Christmas excitement to this cross stitch piece.


A red and ecru paper cord runs across the base of the stitched piece, as if underlining the text: "Love to you". The tiny bells are sewn on just underneath the cord.  


We like the contrast between the natural looking matte paper cord and the shiny metal bells. Both accessories are carefully color-matched with the stitching, and the gold of the bell recalls the golden thread used in parts of the design such as teddy's belt.



Case 2: Angel teddy paired with wand and girly trimmings

Accessories and embellishments used for framing the Cute Christmas Teddy cards - case 3Frame for Cute Teddy Christmas mini-motifs - case 3











This little angel teddy was equipped with a "real" wand, a purple star shaped bead that was thread onto a section of golden wire. The actual wand, that was initially part of the original cross stitch design, was omitted when stitching.


A bright fuchsia colored trimming forms the base of the work, creating a focal point on the part stitched with the words "Happy Christmas".


A lighter floral trimming, white on white so as not to overwhelm the stitching, fills the top part. Its floral motifs adds an extra girly touch to the piece .




Case 3: Teddy-girl paired with red velvet 

Frame for Cute Teddy Christmas mini-motifs - case 2Frame for Cute Teddy Christmas mini-motifs - case 2



















A sumptuous red velvet ribbon with dotted green border is combined with velvet cut-out snowflakes. Together they form a large band, a base for the cross stitch motif. Both are glued onto the fabric with textile glue.



Case 4: Teddy boy paired with gingham buttons

Accessories and embellishments used for framing the Cute Christmas Teddy cards - case 4

Frame for Cute Teddy Christmas mini-motifs - case 4












This little teddy getting out of bed to check out his Christmas stockings is so sweet, he deserved a special treatment.


Out of "the stash" came these pretty buttons, colorful and playful, that will appeal to children. A perfect match for this cross stitch pattern.


So they look neat, the buttons were sewn onto the fabric with a single strand of white Pearl cotton N°5. 




All cross stitch designs shown on this page are from the  Cute Christmas Teddy cards by Lesley Teare designs

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