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» » Cross stitching on terry towels
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Cross stitching on terry towels

Cross stitching on bathroom towels

Cross stitching on bathroom towelsGive your bathroom a new look!
It's time to get rid of those tired and sad towels and give your bathroom a fresh set.

The "parakeet" design shown left is specifically designed for a set of bathroom towels with a pattern for each size:  Bath towelHand towelGuest towel and - Wash glove


There are several ranges of terry towels specifically designed for stitching. They all include a woven Aida area  where you can cross stitch. Use our handy size guide below to check if your pattern will fit the Aida area.

If you can't find the right towel you can also stitch your motif on a piece of Aida and machine stitch it on a regular towel.



Tips for cross stitching on ready-to-stitch bathroom towelsTips for stitching on washable items:

1. Use colorfast floss
DMC cotton floss colors are colorfast which means you can machine wash them even at a high temperature, which makes them ideal for bathroom towels. Do not use metallics that cannot be washed at a high temperature and if you use other threads, check their specifications to make sure they will not run and will hold their color.

2. Secure your thread.
Make sure each length of thread is solidly secured at the back of your stitching and will not come undone during repeated washes.


3. Line the back:

You may want to sew a piece of light lining to cover the wrong side of the stitched part.

Size guide for Ready-to-Stitch terry towels

DMC Range (available in Europe)
 Bath towel:

28" x 55"
70 x 140 cm
Ref DMC CL008

Aida band (in stitches):
390 x 55
 Hand towel

20" x 39"
50 x 100 cm
Ref DMC CL007

Aida band (in stitches):
280 x 50
 Guest towel

12" x 20"
30 x 50cm
Ref DMC CL006

Aida band (in stitches):
168 x 38
Dohler Range (available in US - made in Brazil)
 Bath towel:

28" x 55"
70 x 140 cm

Aida band (in stitches):
390 x 42

 Hand towel

20" x 31 1/2"
50 x 80 cm

Aida band (in stitches):
280 x 38

 Finger tip towel

12" x 18"
30 x 45cm

Aida band (in stitches):
160 x 32

Rico range


 Bath towel

28" x 55"
70 x 140 cm

Aida band (in stitches):
422 x 72
 Hand towel

20" x 39"
50 x 100 cm

Aida band (in stitches):
303 x 46
 Guest towel

12 x 20"
30 x 50 cm

Aida band (in stitches):
182 x 22

Charles Craft (only small sizes available)


 Estate towel

16" x 24"

Aida band (in stitches):
268 x 44
 Home dec towel

16" x 26"

Aida band (in stitches):
220 x 40
 Guest towel "Maxton"

12" x 19.5"

Aida band (in stitches):
159 x 31

Ideas and patterns for stitching on terry towelsStitching ideas and patterns 

>> see all patterns designed for stitching on terry towels




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