Fabric calculator

Estimate how much fabric you need to stitch this design depending on your choice of fabric.
Antique sampler of Spanish origin Antonia Llado 1910
Reproduction sampler
charted by Muriel Berceville

<b>Antique sampler of Spanish origin Antonia Llado 1910</b><br>Reproduction sampler<br>charted by <b>Muriel Berceville</b>

Pattern size (in stitches)
Thread count
Select your choice of fabric. If stitching on linen or evenweave, decide if you will stitch over 1 thread or over 2 threads.
The calculator will provide the size of the stitched area. You can also estimate your total fabric need by adding a border around the stitching and/or adding extra fabric for framing or finishing. Then click GO.
1. Additional border around stitched area (on each side):
2. Extra fabric for framing/finishing (on each side):