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Creative Poppy charts can be printed out and/or viewed using the Adobe reader App on your ipad.

Have you ever viewed your charts on a tablet/screen when stitching?
Your comments and suggestions welcome!
Do you use:
a tablet/screen exclusively
a tablet/screen and printed chart
I've never tried but I might
I prefer paper charts

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Creative Poppy FAQ


If you open an account you can select patterns and they will automatically be saved for your next visit (within a month). 


Where are the patterns I selected during my previous visit?
You first need to login to your account, then click on the red "My bookmarks" at the top of the page.


Why can't I see any patterns in my selection?

There can be 3 reasons:

- You are not logged into your account

- You did not login last time you browsed (the patterns could not be saved).

- The selection expires after one month.  



Creative Poppy patterns are available as downloadable files. We also offer a printing service (at extra cost).


Can I print several copies of the patterns I order?
You can print several copies for your personal use. However, you cannot share them with others.

Can I save my patterns on my computer?
You can save your pattern on your computer or on a hard disk as a backup or if you want to print it later. Please make a note of each of your file-open passwords as they will be needed when you open your files.

Why can't I share the pattern I order with other stitchers?
When completing your purchase you agree you will only use the pattern to stitch it personally. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Can I order chart packs (I don't want to print out my patterns)?

Yes, it is possible to supply a professionally printed version to you. You will need to add this service to your cart when ordering patterns.

First time customer discount: how do I get it?
>> Information and promotion code for first time customer discount

I just placed an order and forgot to use my first time customer discount. Can I use it next time I place an order?
Yes, you discount code is valid without any limitation in time. It is personal and can be used only once.


Having trouble with an order?
>> Step-by-step guide to downloading your patterns and suggestions for resolving common problems

Can I download and print-out my patterns from an iPad or tablet?

You can print and download our files using an App that opens pdf files, such as:

- Adobe Reader

- iBooks - iOS 5.0 (or later) required

- Most pdf Readers such as Foxit pdf reader.

If you are having trouble opening the file with your default app, select "Open with" and see what other apps are available or download Adobe Reader (free).


What happens if I cannot download the patterns I have paid for?
>> Contact us and we will send you the patterns by email.

I have deleted the email with my passwords. How can I open my files?
>> Contact us, providing your name and approximate date of purchase and we will retrieve your order. 

My computer has broken down and I have lost the patterns I had purchased previously. How can I retrieve them?
>> Log into your Creative Poppy account. We save the link for downloading your patterns for a period of two years. If patterns are older contact us.

Note: For copyright reasons, we're sorry we cannot send patterns that we no longer carry.



How can I make a selection of pages to print out?
You can either:
- Print pages one at a time as you view them. Do not use the print icon but the menu. Select "Print" Then "Current page" (in the print range box)
- Print a range of pages. Do not use the print icon but the menu. Select "Print" Then "Pages" (in the print range box) and enter the range of pages in this format 1-7 (for pages 1 to 7).


A part of my pattern is truncated, what's the problem?

The pattern will resize by default to the paper in your printer (A4 or letter size) but your computer's current settings might prevent it, in which case apply the following procedure:

Open the pdf, go to the "File/Print" menu.

In the Print box, under "Page handling", in the "Page scaling" option select "Shrink to printable area", tick the "Autorotate and center" box and confirm with "OK".



How can I stop my ipad screen fading away?

You can force your ipad to remain lit while stitching by setting the Autolock off:


note: you will then need to use the top power button to switch the screen off when not using


Which pdf reader application do you recommend?

Many stitchers use Foxit which has useful features for creating folders and highlighting your stitching.


Do I have to enter the password each time I open the file?

You do. An easy way to remember the password is to rename the file adding the password in the file name.


Can I use a highlighter with the patterns purchased through Creative Poppy?

All recent files are comment compatible, which means you can use a highlighter to mark areas of the chart that you have stitched. We are gradually updating the rest of our catalogue. If the pattern you ordered is not compatible, let us know and we will send you an updated file.

Not all pdf readers are ideal for highlighting charts. Foxit is stitcher-friendly for using a highlighter.


How can I add a Creative Poppy shortcut to my desktop?
It's quite convenient as you can access Creative poppy's website in one click.
- Select and copy the following url address

- Go to your desktop. With your mouse, make a rightclick on your desktop. Select "New" then "Shortcut".

- Paste the address in the box, select "Next" 
- Name your shortcut: Creative Poppy
- Select "Finish"

- Locate the shortcut on your desktop and drag it where you want it.

Contact Creative Poppy Customer Care
If you have any more questions, please contact us. We'll be happy to help and will get back in touch real soon.


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