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Sylvie Teytaud-Louche

Decorating the Christmas Tree, cross stitch pattern by Sylvie Teytaud-Louche
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Cross stitch pattern
Sylvie Teytaud-Louche

I'm on my way, cross stitch pattern by Sylvie Teytaud-Louche
I'm on my way
Cross stitch pattern
Sylvie Teytaud-Louche

Winter fairy tale, cross stitch pattern by Sylvie Teytaud-Louche
Winter fairy tale
Cross stitch pattern
Sylvie Teytaud-Louche

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» » Great finishing ideas for cross stitch projects
Great finishing ideas for cross stitch projects

Great finishing ideas for cross stitch patterns and needlework

Check out some of the creative ideas other stitchers have come up with for finishing their stitched pieces.
If you too would like to share a photo of your stitched piece, as well as ideas for finishing projects, please feel free to use our contact form and select "I'd like to share my photo"


Christmas stocking idea


Sometimes were amazed at how creative you stitchers are. We recently received this picture from Joyce F. and we could not resist featuring the picture in this news section.


Joyce purchased Sylvie Teytaud's design featuring elves decorating a Christmas tree. Here's what Joyce says about her project:

"I adapted Sylvie's wonderful design to a needlepoint stocking for my granddaughter. Never have done beading before, which was a challenge! Thank you so much for these darling elves!"


Congratulations Joyce, you did a fantastic job adapting the pattern to the size of the stocking. And the beaded garlands add just a little extra glamour to the stocking, making it look real precious.

Sylvie Teytaud's Elves decorating the tree adapted on a Christmas Stocking
Decorating the Christmas tree
Decorating the Christmas tree

If you too have stitched one of our design and found an interesting way of adapting or finishing your piece, don't hesitate to send us a picture and will share it. It's sure to inspire many other stitchers!


Miniature shaker needlebook


Thanks so much to Patricia F. for sharing this picture. She has done an amazing job of stitching two of Barbara Ana's shaker patterns, over one thread, on navy Blue Zweigart Lugana evenweave. The stitched piece was then mounted into a needlebook that measures only 2 1/8 inch x 3 3/8 inch. Extra pages were added inside the book for storing needles. This is an extraordinary piece!

Barbara Ana's shaker patterns, over one thread, on navy Blue Zweigart Lugana evenweave mounted as a needlebook










Using overdyed floss 


Marie-Anne Réthoret-Mélin's Red monochrome Scissor and Needlecase

We received this beautiful picture from Jane W. It is a reinterpretation of Marie-Anne Réthoret-Mélin's
Red monochrome Scissor and Needlecase
and her matching Biscornu pincushion.

This time however the Red DMC variations threads was subsituted with a hand dyed floss, Cottage Garden Threads 'Damask Rose'.The result is stunning, with a very delicate balance of light brown and pink produced by the thread. There's a lovely tassel too, also with a mix of the two colors.

play around with fabrics and colors and make you piece uniqueThe fun with monochrome patterns like this one is that you can really play around with fabrics and colors and make you piece unique.

Congratulations, Jane, and Thank you so much for sharing your photo with us!


Ideas for stitching: Framing a biscornu pattern

fFraming instead of mounting as a biscornu Faby Reilly Poppy Biscornu patternVéronique R. came up with a totally unexpected idea: After stitching Faby Reilly's Poppy biscornu pattern, she found the stitched piece so lovely she decided not to mount it as a biscornu but to frame it instead.
The result is stunning. The stitched piece has a little bit of an Art deco touch that makes a perfect framed piece.

Poppy Biscornu by Faby Reilly

Tiny and cute: fitting a pattern onto a scissor fob

tiny and cute, stitched one over one thread"Don't bug me, I'm stitching" by Barbara Ana Here's an other idea we received from Jenifer:
"I made this adorable scissor fob out of the Barbara Ana "Don't Bug Me I'm Stitching" design.  I stitched it 1 over 1 on 28 count evenweave. I also used glow in the dark DMC for the eye's!
Barbara Ana designs are so colorful and fun."

What a great idea! If you're patient enough (and have a good eyesight) you can turn any medium size pattern into a miniature by stitching one over one. This  pattern is 41 x 61 stitches (w x h) and turned out  1 1/2 x 2 inches when stitched.

Don't bug me, I'm stitching! by Barbara Ana


Birthday gift ideas for a little girl

Thanks Rolande for sharing these creative ideas!

A stitched enveloppe that turns into a birthday banner:

How clever of Rolande!
This is a pretty birthday banner than folds into an enveloppe - complete with the little girl's address - and that can be sent through the post.
As Rolande's grand daughter's birthday is just a few days before Halloween, Rolande selected Barbara Ana's Halloween cat to stitch on the top part. Then she stitched the words Happy birthday in matching colors. The part of the flap with the address does not show when hanging (and it would be upside down!). As a final touch, Rolande added some fun orange pompons.

This is a pretty birthday banner than folds into an enveloppean enveloppe - complete with the little girl's address - that can be sent through the post. Rolande selected Barbara Ana's Halloween cat to stitch on the top part.
This stitched enveloppe turns into a birthday banner when unfolded.

Pattern shown:
>> Halloween cat by Barbara Ana

A cute mini-cushion with a ladybird

This was stitched for a little girl who was turning five. Rolande picked one of  Helga Mandl's Valentine ladybug patterns and added a matching frilly border. Isn't it pretty!

coussin avec un joli froufrou modèle Coccinelle d'amour de Helga Mandl
A mini -cushion with red frills matching the colors of Helga Mandl's Valentine Ladybug

Pattern shown:
>> Valentine ladybug by Helga Mandl

Project pouches - great for a stitcher friend

Some other of Rolande's inventive ideas. She made these project organizer pouches for two of her friends.

The first one has Barbara Ana's Itch to stitch pattern (shown here in the French language version). Rolande used matching green fabrics and trims for the inside of the pouch that has useful pockets for holding stitching materials,charts and felt "pages" for holding needles. The inside cover includes a personal message  in cross stitch.
version en vert avec en couverture le modèle "Piquée de broderie" de Barbara AnaA l'intérieur de la pochette à ourage un texte brodéillustré avec le modèle piquée de broderie de Barbara Ana designs
Project pouch with Barbara Ana's fun Stitcher's itch design

The other project pouch is stitched with another of Barbara Ana's fun pattern for stitchers: Don't bug me I'm stitching!

pochette illustrée avec le modèle "ne m'embête pas, je brode!"tissus et galons assortis dans des variations de bleu.
A great gift idea for a stitcher friend with a sense of humor!

Patterns shown ( English versions):
>> A stitcher's itch designed by  Barbara Ana
>> Don't bug me I'm stitching! designed by Barbara Ana

A recipe book (Personalized Wedding gift)

Maria combined one large wedding pattern from Brodi Broda  "I do!, I do!" with a charming couple of cooks (Kiss the cook!) designed by Barbara Ana (in fact the male cook was especially designed for her to complete this project). Adding some personal text, this became a perfect wedding gift!

Finishing ideas: recipe book (front)Finishing ideas: recipe bookFinishing ideas: recipe book (back)

Detail of "I do, I do!" designed by Brodi BrodaFinishing ideas: recipe book by Maria

View original patterns
>> Brodi Broda: I do!, I do!
>> Barbara Ana: Kiss the cook! (female version)
>> Barbara Ana: kiss the cook (male version)


Submit your own finishing ideas!

If you have stitched one of our patterns and would like to share your own ideas, please send us a photo using our contact form and select: " Finished pieces: I'd like to share my photo". 

We hope to hear from you soon!

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